Newborn Screening and MetascreenTM

  • Why is newborn screening important for my newborn?

    Many of these metabolic disorders (also known as inborn errors of metabolism) can cause developmental issues and lifelong complications such as mental retardation, physical disability and in some instances, death if it left untreated. Screening your newborn for metabolic disorders will help facilitate early intervention and prevent long term detrimental effects to your baby’s health.

  • How many diseases does MetascreenTM test for?

    Metascreen panel (Meta100+) is the most comprehensive newborn metabolic screening program that detects more than 100 metabolic disorders through a simple and painless urine test. Metascreen can detect metabolic disorders from the following groups:

    • Acid and organic acid metabolism disorders
    • Sugar metabolism disorders
    • Fatty acid metabolism disorders
    • Peroxisomal disorders
    • Purine & pyrimidine metabolism disorders
    • Lactic acid, hyperpyruvic acid metabolic disorders
    • Other IEMs

  • Can IEMs (Inborn Error of Metabolism) only be screened through blood?

    The newborn screening for IEMs can either be done with the newborn’s urine or blood specimens. The difference between urine and blood for newborn screening is the number of metabolic disorders detectable and the invasiveness of the condition.

  • Where can I purchase MetascreenTM ? Can I do it after baby delivery?

    You can purchase metascreen via here.
    You are encouraged to purchase before your baby EDD in order for you to have sufficient time to receive or collect Metascreen’s urine specimen collection kit as well as collecting baby’s urine at / after 48 hours (by which the baby would already have its first feed) to 6 months from the time of birth. The earlier the test is done, the earlier any metabolic disorder can be detected to enable early intervention.

  • My baby is currently 20 days old or 3 months old. Can I still purchase MetascreenTM ?

    Yes, you can purchase MetascreenTM and collect your baby’s urine specimen anytime from now. However, your baby’s urine specimen for MetascreenTM test is preferably collected as early as possible, preferably 2 to 7 days after birth. The earlier the test is done, the earlier any metabolic disorder can be detected to enable early disease management and intervention. The goal is to prevent the baby from getting severe, irreversible consequences (such as mental retardation or death) as early as possible.