Collecting Urine

  • How do I collect my baby's urine?

    The urine specimen collection process is very simple and straightforward. All you need to do is to soak the Metascreen filter paper provided with your newborn baby’s urine

  • Why can’t I do the urine collection before 48 hours?

    Your newborn will take some time to metabolize its first feed, which is usually taken within the first 24 hours, and metabolites will then be produced in the urine thereafter. Results may not be accurate if the urine specimen is collected before 48 hours.

  • Can I still collect my baby’s urine after 48 hours from the time of birth?

    If you are unable to collect it immediately after 48 hours from time of birth, you may do so anytime until 6 months. The earlier the test is done, the earlier any metabolic disorder can be detected to enable early disease management and intervention. The goal is to prevent the baby from getting severe, irreversible consequences (such as mental retardation or death) as early as possible.

  • What if my baby takes medication, how will it affect the urine specimen and test results?

    Medication will not affect the urine specimen or test results. Due to the highly specific nature of GC-MS technology, our MetascreenTM platform can differentiate the drug metabolites from the metabolites of the metabolic disorders we are testing.

  • What if the poop of my baby stains the filter paper?

    The collected urine sample needs to be free of stool. If it is stained, please repeat the procedure using the 2nd piece of filter paper provided. After collection, leave the filter paper to air dry before putting it back into the specimen bag.

    If the filter paper is contaminated with stool, we cannot process the specimen as the contaminants will mask or interfere with the urine analysis.

  • What else can I use to collect urine if both filter papers were stained with baby poop?

    The baby’s urine must be collected by provided filter papers. We do not accept any other urine sample other than our filter papers. Please call our hotline to make a request of extra filter paper. Additional charges may apply.